Volunteer of the Quarter!

IAEEDC is excited to name Jessie Wolfe from National Trade Productions the first 2015 Volunteer of the Quarter! Jessie has worked exceptionally hard on converting the chapter newsletter, ShowBuzz from a print to digital format. Additionally, Jessie has been working for the Communities and Outreach Committee, creating a Showbuzz Newsletter Archive and assisting with the new blog!

We are so grateful for all of the hard work Jessie has put in, and continues to do for the chapter! The chapter can’t accomplish anything without volunteers, so thanks to your hard work, Jessie, look at how much we’re achieving!


Name: Jessie Wolfe

Title: Marketing Coordinator

Company / Current Role: National Trade Productions, Inc.

IAEEDC Involvement (Committees, etc): I helped convert the IAEEDC chapter bi-monthly newsletter from print to digital version.  I am also a member of the Communities and Outreach Committee helping update the website and blog.

What drives your involvement with IAEE DC? My desire to learn about the industry drives my involvement.  I am still new to the industry so I want to meet, network and learn from people who have been in the industry much longer than me.  I also just simply enjoy digital media and web design, so I am fine volunteering my skills to the chapter.

Best IAEE DC Experience: Doing Karaoke at one of my first IAEEDC events.  I signed up to sing a Destiny’s Child Song, it was terribly embarrassing…and I don’t think it will be a memory that I forget for a long time.

JCP_3173 JCP_2977

How did you get involved in the industry: It was just by chance.  I attended trades shows as an exhibitor in my last job, but never knew that I would be on the other end of planning.

IAEE HQ involvement (KLI, 20 under 30, committees): I haven’t had any IAEE HQ involvement yet, but I am to get involved.  I am still in my first year in the industry and am still learning the ropes.

What is your favorite to spend a weekend? I really enjoy spending my weekends outside.  I love the springs in the DC area there are so many outdoor concerts and festivals to go to.  Not to mention all the VA wineries that make for perfect weekend getaways.

Living or dead, who would you most like to have dinner with and why? I would love to have dinner with Betty White! She is a really funny and strong women.  She was definitely ahead of her time in comedy and continues to be edgy in her 90’s.  I hope to be as vivacious and lively as her when I am in my Golden Years!

What book are you currently reading?  Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

What are your thoughts on winning volunteer of the quarter? I am really honored to have been recognized by IAEEDC.  I am hoping to get more and more involved with the chapter for the years to come!

Interested in getting more involved? Fill out the IAEEDC Chapter Volunteer Form and a member of the board will get back to you!

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