IAEE HQ Young Professional Member Feature

In their June issue, the IAEE Young Professionals YPConnect newsletter featured DC Chapter member Marissa Maybee!

Here is reprint of the article! If you wish to view the original, check out the June issue of the IAEE YPConnect Newsletter.



 Marissa Maybee

Director, Insights and Analytics

Bear Analytics

Q: What are your responsibilities in your current role?

We’re a small startup, so we all wear many hats.  I work with data every day– cleaning, consolidating, and analyzing data that has been generated by events and other association verticals like membership and social media.  I also contribute to client relations, project management, and Bear Analytics’ overall marketing efforts.

Q: What drives your involvement with IAEE?

IAEE is where the events industry comes together, so it’s important to attend local chapter events and be a part of it all.  Since I am on the consulting/supplier side now, the events are even more valuable—I can keep up with former clients, touch base with current clients, and network with potential clients all in one fell swoop.

Q: What events or networking opportunities are most beneficial or appealing to you as a young professional?

There are so many new technologies that are being deployed in the events space and I value the opportunity to hear how they’ve worked for my peers and to take the temperature on “what’s next.”  And I’m already looking forward to attending Expo!Expo! for the first time this year since it’s taking place so close to DC.  I’m helping put together a panel on event data and strategy, so I guess you could say I plan on diving in!


Q: What was your most memorable IAEE experience?

My company hosted/moderated one of our local chapter’s luncheons.  We were talking about millennials and event engagement, and the audience got really involved, sharing what had worked for their events, expressing common frustrations, and asking tons of in-depth questions.  Since I am a millennial, I felt like I knew a lot about the topic already, but the collective event knowledge and experience in the room was pretty humbling.


Q: What are a few of the fun perks at your job/association?

We work in a start-up office space, so there is an arcade, beer on tap, and dozens of other small companies and start-ups to meet.  Also, I’m inquisitive by nature, so I enjoy getting to dive in to different industries since our clients hail from the media to healthcare industries to everything in between.


Q: How did you get involved in the industry?

I didn’t love my first job out of college (it was in PR), so I decided to explore my options and talked with a temp agency.  The first interview they sent me on was for a coordinator position at an association that held events all around the world; even the junior staff were expected to travel.  I was amazed that I’d found such a cool organization and that international travel could be a component of my job at that point in my career.

Needless to say, I got the job and loved it.  My experience there put me on the path to getting hooked on industry and event data, earning my MBA, and making the leap to join a data analytics startup my association coworkers had founded.

Q: Do you have any advice for other young professionals?

If you go out of your way to help people professionally—passing along opportunities, resumes, making introductions—it can help you ten-fold in the future.

And, don’t be afraid to take risks.  If you’re never scared of failure or are never put in a position where you could fail, then you aren’t being challenged enough.  One quote that I find really inspirational is, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”

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