Culture Creation Recap



I had the pleasure of attending IAEE’s Culture Creation 2015 which was held in conjunction with Exhibitions Day and I’m so glad that I did! This workshop centered around the strategic mission of your organization’s exhibitions/meetings/events and how to make these better while giving resources that can help achieve successful outcomes.

We were very impressed with the presenter caliber. The speaker, John S. Parke, was engaging, funny and very knowledgeable. He kept the entire audience engaged throughout the workshop.  My entire team enjoyed his comical anecdotes which were very relevant to the material discussed as well as the fact that he offered “after school” assistance very openly and freely to the workshop attendees.

What stood out to me the most from the workshop, was the use of the STEP (Social, Technological, Economical, Political) analysis which is used to help determine the external forces that can affect your organization’s events in the four categories mentioned.  At NTP, we conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis as part of our post-show report, which is presented to each of our clients when their event is complete. With the use of STEP, this is a great way to determine some important factors prior to their event(s) and help lessen the list of Weaknesses/Threats. Since the completion of the workshop, NTP has already incorporated the STEP analysis into a planning meeting with one of our clients.

Overall, the workshop was informative and very applicable to our industry. I also think that the information provided was insightful and easy to implement across the board. I feel it offers great value to office teams and has excellent takeaways, as shown by our own team’s usage! I definitely recommend this event to other groups!

Necoya Tyson, Senior Operations ManagerNational Trade Productions, Inc.

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