Finding harmony in your office work space

ronnie_schaer5v4 By Ronnie Schaer and Dede Walsh

Harmony in the workspace might appear in the form of the physical environment where you spend the day, at your desk, or your relationship with colleagues you work with.  It also can be a combination of both.  While in an ideal world this might happen, it is usually not the reality.  Can you think of ways to find harmony in your office workspace?  We would like to share our thoughts with you.

walsh_dede_1105130_ppWhat is “harmony” exactly? One meaning of the word is “an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole”.  Whether you work in an office building or in your basement, it is essential for your office work space to contain a certain harmony.  For some, it’s knowing the paperwork is organized and quickly accessible. However, if you actually saw their office space, “harmony” might not be the first word to come to your mind.

This meaning can also encompass other people we work with. It is only human nature to desire “an orderly and pleasing combination” among our work peers. Most people spend their entire careers seeking out “orderly and pleasing combination of the elements” for their work environments. And, it is truly exhilarating, but not the norm, when the perfect work space and work companions are located.

If your office space is less than harmonious, here are some tips that might help to achieve this “orderly and pleasing combination of elements of the whole”.

Shift your thinking

In some cases, this might mean finding a new job that involves what you are passionate about or making a move to a new position within your organization. Although, this might seem a bit extreme, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes just getting a “new” or “refreshed” attitude will help too. Why wait until January 1st to make one big change when making 10 little ones will work in a pinch?

Get your office organized

When was the last time you looked at the items on your desk? The desktops in an office speak volumes about a person–whether they admit it or not. Some are too orderly and others are too messy. In any case, your work space may reveal how you operate. Luckily, Martha Stewart has many desk accessories with coordinated patterns to hide all of your flaws and get you back on track.

Communicating in style

Part of finding balance or “harmony” with our colleagues is respecting the way they communicate.  Often, young professionals in the workspace are criticized for not communicating face to face the way seasoned professionals prefer to.  Disharmony can arise when messages are misinterpreted electronically or via social media.  The best way to find balance with co-workers is to respect the manner of communicating preferred by each person and adapt your style to fit the situation.

Finding the perfect office mates

If this article contained only one tip for harmony in the office work space, it would be to tell you there are NO perfect office mates.  We are not perfect human beings and we are diverse in style.  People are not flawless at their jobs. We make mistakes—so why do we stress out about the things we cannot change or control?

The Golden Rule

The Ethic of Reciprocity — often called the Golden Rule — simply states that we should treat other people as we would wish to be treated ourselves. If we respected our office mate’s unique work styles, there would definitely be harmony in the office.  Can you make this your reality?

It is our wish for you to achieve “an orderly or pleasing combination of elements in a whole” we call “harmony in your office work space.” And, it’s possible this process could take a while to achieve but if done properly, your entire office will be right on the path to success. Let the harmony begin!

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