IAEE HQ Announcement


Would you benefit from IAEE’s 20 Under 30 Program? Nominate yourself or nominate one of your peers!

IAEE’s 20 Under 30 Program is for young-professional exhibition organizer members who may not be supported by their companies to attend Expo! Expo!.

For more information visit http://www.myexpoexpo.com/20under30

Interested in the 20 Under 30 Program? See what two of our DC Chapter Members had to say about being 2014 recipients!  (Originally published in the March 2015 YPConnect)

 2014 Expo! Expo! Recap
2015Q1 YPCONNECT Mayhew Mark
Mark Mayhew
ASIS International

Being a 2014 recipient of IAEE’s 20 Under 30 program
was a tremendous experience for me. Not only was it an honor to be
selected from the many deserving candidates but the knowledge and experiences gained have already helped me in my career. Through the 20 Under 30 program I was given the opportunity to be included in an ASAE article and appear on IAEE TV in a segment about young professionals. I also was able to talk to many industry veterans who approached me about the program.

My best experience from the program was meeting the other 19 recipients. It was nice having a group of peers with set itinerary for Expo! Expo! and to walk away with a shared experience. I hope that our relationships with each other will persist throughout our careers in this industry, and am looking forward to our continued growth as professionals.

My biggest take away from the program was to get involved in the industry at a national and chapter level through networking and education. Attending the chapter parties and IAEE info sessions were very helpful as I plan to start my CEM next year and have begun to regularly attend DC Chapter events throughout the year.

2015Q1 YPCONNECT Orr Marissa
Marissa Orr
American Association for Justice  (AAJ)

that it was my first time attending the IAEE conference I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was so welcoming, and I made some great connections with my 20 Under 30 peers and with other individuals in the industry.

Attending the educational sessions and exploring the Exhibit Hall was great. I was able to take away new techniques and ideas that I will be implementing in my exhibit hall for our next convention! As a young professional, I really appreciate the opportunity given to me by the 20 under 30 program. I am so grateful that I was able to attend such a successful and informative event.  I plan on attending the IAEE Expo! Expo! for years to come. 

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