Capitol Voices: A Request from Member Dennis Sharland

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UPDATE: TODAY, 11.19 is the LAST DAY to order pies!!

Click here to order:


Dear Events Industry Colleagues,

It’s that time of year again when I normally start hounding friends, family and colleagues to buy pies for Thanksgiving as part of a fundraising effort that benefits Food & Friends, a local non-profit organization that packages and delivers meals and groceries to more than 2,700 people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other life-challenging illnesses throughout the DMV. You might recall that I stood up at the monthly IAEE luncheon last year and spoke about the program. Thank you to those of you who responded last year and bought pies to help in the effort. Some of you came through in a big way (T3’s Greg McCormack this means you! )

This year however I am asking you my friends, the men and women of the events industry and members of IAEE DC not to just buy pies but to join me in helping sell pies by joining Team IAEE DC. Now before you start to tell me how busy you are let me say that you don’t even have to really even have to put much effort into selling them, more like just do what we do best, use our networks and send out a few emails. You can do that right ? I’ll even give you the messages if you want ( just ask) and all you have to do is copy, paste and personalize.

So how can you start? First just follow this link:

The very first field you will come to after you enter your email address is “Team Name” – just find IAEE DC in the list and fill out the rest; if you have auto-complete turned on for your web browser it shouldn’t take any time at all.

Now once you sign up to sell you will receive information from Food & Friends on how to customize your own sales page and use the tools that are part of their very handy “Pie Sellers Headquarters” to make selling painless. The tools include and email tool to help you ask your friends and family to buy pies, reminder emails as well as thank you messages when someone purchases. You don’t even have to use your own email (but you’re less likely to hit someone’s spam filter if you do). It’s really quiet painless and that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when the orders start to come in will make it all worthwhile.

This will be my 7th year selling pies for this very worthy cause. I hope you’ll join me.

Not up to the challenge ? You can still help out by buying a pie through me. This year they are offering 5 different pies baked by Baguette Republic right here in Sterling Virginia. The choices are: Spiced Pumpkin Pie, Homemade Apple Pie , Oh So Sweet Potato Pie, Nutty Pecan Pie, and the very decadent American Airlines Sky Pie (chocolate and amaretto married to a gourmet brownie).

The apple, pumpkin and sweet potato pies are only $25, the Nutty Pecan pie is $35 and the American Airlines Sky Pie is $45 but this extraordinary dessert comes with a chance to win 40,000 American Airlines miles and every pie purchased will provide one person a full day of meals. Imagine that: you get to eat pie and someone else just gets to eat as a result. Helping someone who needs it doesn’t get much easier than that.

Now before you start with excuses (on a diet, don’t live near a convenient pick up location), first, it’s Thanksgiving; you can allow yourself a slice of pie. If you are really that into depriving yourself of delicious pie, you can still do your part and buy one for your family or the nice old couple who lives next door. There is no one you like well enough to bestow a pie upon? You can always, buy one for one of the clients of Food and Friends.

When you click the link below it will take you to the Food and Friends Slice of Life website where you can safely place your order. During the order process you will be able to designate where you will pick up your pies. You can choose from the Food and Friend’s Fort Totten location or any one of 30+ CVS Pharmacy Store locations around the metro area (16 in DC, 8 in MD, 13 in VA). Pies purchased for clients will be delivered by Food and Friends. Pickup day is the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (November 26) and pickup locations will be open from 12noon – 8pm. For those of you who live or work at or near AFA Headquarters (1501 Lee Hwy Arlington) , if you want I will be happy to pick up your pie for you and deliver it to you around noon on Tuesday November 24 (just designate the Clarendon pick up location).

Please note, the link is personalized so that I can see if my efforts of annoying you annually to buy pie are having any impact (I get an email every time someone buys using the link). Last year my efforts generated 44 sales and a couple of donations totaling $1400 – so thank you to all of you who contributed. This year I would love to hit 50.

The last day to order is Thursday November 19.

And in case you are wondering, yes, part of the price of the pie is tax deductible and you will receive an appropriate receipt after Thanksgiving.

Thank you for your attention.


Dennis Sharland, CEM
Sr. Manager, Expositions & Advertising
Air Force Association
1501 Lee Highway, Suite 400 Arlington, VA 22209
(p) 703-247-5838

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