Andy’s Farewell

At the end of my term as Chair of the greatest chapter of IAEE, part of my responsibility includes writing an article for ShowBuzz to close out the year, reflecting on accomplishments, and sharing lessons learned.  In a move that has become familiar to my fellow board members, I waited until well beyond the last moment to fulfill this duty.  While it seems like procrastination, ok…it is. I waited for inspiration which comes from a familiar place: 34,000 feet, and specifically in seat 21D. I hope it was worth the wait.

For sure, I am just not ready to have it end.  It has been a pleasure and honor to chair this board and offer my service to the largest and greatest chapter of IAEE.  No doubt as a board we did not always see eye to eye, but that is what made us great.  We pushed and pulled each other and in doing so propelled the Washington DC Chapter of IAEE into what I firmly believe is a positive direction for the future.  Here is a brief list of achievements:

  • We have moved from a costly printed newsletter to an online newsletter.  This is saving the chapter thousands each year and help put us back on the path of financial stability.
  • We have become more engaged and closely aligned with IAEE’s National Headquarters working very closely with Lisa Buchanan, Director of Membership and Chapter Engagement.  Lisa has made herself to any and all requests from the board and even travel to DC to participate in our first ever full-day board retreat.  She has been a tremendous help with programs, bylaws and compliance, and advice gleamed from other successful chapters….and will continue to help future boards advance chapter goals.
  • Did I mention we had our first ever full-day board retreat?
  • The chapter now has an administrator to ensure proper succession planning from year to year.
  • We have begun the task of rebuilding our volunteer committee structure to create value for the chapter and value for the members who commit to serve.
  • We also added the position of Director of Young Professionals (YP) to the chapter board of directors.
  • And last, but certainly not least – we brought the trophy home from the 3rd annual IAEE DC vs. NYC Invitational golf tournament, also known as the War on the Shore!

Add to this list above that we put on more educational and special events than any other chapter, and it is easy to understand why I take pride in saying we are not just the largest chapter…we are the best chapter.

As promised above, I will leave you with the lessons I have learned:

  1. It is important to recognize that volunteers offer their services because they are passionate about the work. Embrace that passion and let it ignite ideas.
  2. It is too easy to do what has always been done…fight the temptation to take the easy path.
  3. Appreciate the people you most disagree with…they will challenge you and make you better.
  4. And finally….and I am still learning this one obviously…don’t procrastinate.

Thank you to my fellow board members and chapter members.  I have enjoyed every moment of my year as chair and look forward to the future.

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